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Did you know???  Malaria is the third largest killer of the world's children.
Every 60 seconds, a child dies of malaria.
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Meet Magnolia's First Sponsored College Student

Kari is part of the Leadership Development Program and is sponsored by Magnolia's First general budget. Through Compassion, we are providing a college degree in Journalism for Kari at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Honduras in Tegucigalpa.  This leadership program identifies young Compassion-assisted men and women who have shown potential to become Christian leaders who can, in turn, influence their own families, churches, communities and nations.  Please pray for Kari!

Kari's Achievements, strengths, and awards:
Kari was a sponsored child through compassion and accepted Christ at 9 years old. She participated in a campaign against dengue fever organized by the health center in her community. She was also involved in a literacy program for adults with other schoolmates that was called "You Can." She received several honorary degrees in recognition of merit for her good academic performance. She participated in the seminar, "Use and Safe Handling of Pesticides." She won first place in an intercollegiate football tournament. She participated in a voluntary health workshop and graduated from a computer course. At church, she participated in the school leaders' seminar of inner healing. She is also the leader of a growth group.
Reasons Kari was selected by Compassion for the Leadership Program:
She is clear about what she wants to study and wants to help those in need. With her career she wants to highlight different media organizations, presenting God with her testimony. She participates in the church and child development center and wishes to exceed. She managed to stay ahead despite any economic situation. She also manifests a service and leadership character.

Kari's Home:
La Puerta, Azacualpa is a beautiful community surrounded by hills and many trees. The weather is very nice and it is very famous because they produce many vegetables due to the fertile vegetation. My house is small but very beautiful and it is located in the center of my village. It is near the schools, church and health center. When I was studying my school was very near, I used to get there in five minutes. My best friends live near my house and they visit me daily or vice versa. Every afternoon we go to the general service at church to practice (singing with the chorus). I also go to church to study with friends or listen to music. Most of my family, such as my grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, etc, live close to my house. My community is small but it has a good environment and I am free there. Thank God we do not have problems with a lack of water or electricity. The only problem is that the streets are not paved and that hurt us because there is dust. Also, there are no public phones or internet. But despite that, my community is beautiful. It is a small place and we all know each other. 

Kari's Story:
I was born in the city of Tegucigalpa, the country's capital. At the present I live in the country area of Tegucigalpa, Village La Puerta, Azacualpa's mountain. It is located 14 kilometers from the city. Until I was 5 years old, I lived with my parents, but unfortunately they had problems and decided to separate. Now I just live with my mom. Her name is Dilcia Andino and she works as a concierge at the Agricultural Technical Institute, Oscar A. Flores. This is the school where I graduated from and it is very close to my house. With the example and support of my mom, I consider her to be the best mom in the world. My dad's name is Valentin Juarez. As I have already mentioned, he does not live with me, but he is always concerned about me and my family. He works as a mason. Despite the fact that he does not live with me, I think he is an excellent dad. I have two sisters and I am in the middle. My older sister's name is Hilda Emerita and she is 23 years old. She is studying business administration at the National University of Honduras. She is married and has a baby. She is 2 years old and her name is Milagros Salgado. My youngest sister is Dilcia Visel and she is 5 years old. This year she is going to pre-kindergarten and next year with God's help, she will go to 1st grade of elementary school. My family relationship is very beautiful. We are very close and have good communication. 

My goal is to strenghten my spiritual life and my relationship with God. In order to accomplish this I have to get involved in each one of the activities of church such as intercession and fastings to be able to have a greater communication with God. I plan to grow spiritually day by day. 

I want to finish my college career in five years. In order to accomplish this goal I have to pass all the classes in which I enroll. I will pass about 12 classes per year. I want to have an excellent grade average of 90%. I have to work very hard and study a lot to accomplish this goal. I will make a study schedule and study at least one hour a day.
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